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Before you get here: Info about New Zealand


New Zealand Now

Life Realities

What's Life Like in New Zealand?

Living in New Zealand

Our way of life


Climate and geography


Legal system


Money and the cost of living


The New Zealand Health sysytem




Information resources


Visiting New Zealand


Work in New Zealand


Student Visas

Visa types

Find a visa


Immigration Agents


Dealing with Immigration New Zealand

About dealing with Immigration New Zealand


Seeking immigration advice

Licensed immigration advisers

Link to licensed immigration advisers


Immigration Advisers Authority - Browse by city


Immigration Advisers Authority -Browse by country


Migrants defeat bad immigration adviser

Immigration service

Under construction



Settlements Services - moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand



Settlement Services

- choosing where to live   

Where to live


Contact your own community group listed in contact page of this website


Buying a house


On arrival


To do on arrival

What To Do On Arrival In Auckland

Bus Tours

Welcome to Auckland Bus Tour

Auckland Map

Google Maps New Zealand

Public Transport

Public Transport


New Zealand Public Transport


MAXX Auckland Transport


Settlement Services – driving in New Zealand


Driving in New Zealand


Two of the give way rules has changed

Usefel contact in case of emergency

Emergency contact details


Jobsearching For Newcomers

NZ Requirements

Using your qualifications and skills in NZ


Tasks and specializations


Personal Requirements


Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations

Jobsearch workshops and link

Auckland Regional Migrant Services


New Kiwis


you can also email for upcoming jobsearch workshop in Auckland

Jobsearch tools

Getting a Job


Tips & Tools for Skilled Immigrants

Jobs in skills shortage

Jobs in skill shortage

Jobsearch methods

NZ Job Search Strategy

Find a mentor

Apply for an OMEGA Programme

Job sites





Job vacancy and recruitment website links

Employment law

Minimum employment rights

Joining the union

About unions


Find Your Union

For Migrants


Minimum employment entitlement

Minimum Employment Rights


Minimum Employment Rights and Obligations


Employment Rights


Holidays and leave




Minimum Wage


Salaries and Wages

Problem with employer

National Equal Opportunities Network

Being discriminated

EEO Trust

Equal employment opportunity

Employment Relations Centre


EEO Trust (Link)

Filing tax return

Filing your income tax return

Participating in the election

Elections New Zealand

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