Migrants Supporting Migrants

  • Employment Life Skills Support Group (ELSG)

An 8-week course with life skills content and covers enhancement of job search skills, understanding the NZ employment market.

  • Micro Enterprise Development (MED)

A one-to-one support for migrants and refugees who wish to be self-employed by starting a micro-enterprise. Existing micro-enterprise is also supported in areas of business expansion, marketing, finance, accounting and taxation.

  • Community Enterprise

Currently underdevelopment, the service will be offering community owned enterprise.

  • Buddy to Employment (B2E)

Well-settled migrants are encouraged to buddy job seeking migrants. A one-to-one session in which volunteers buddy job seekers in their journey to find meaningful employment.

  • Voluntary Work Experience

Aims to overcome the “lack of Kiwi experience” barrier to employment. Opportunity to volunteer is available in Migrant Action Trust.

  • Jobsearch Support Group at the Libraries

In cooperation with various libraries and making use of their strategic location and resources, MAT provides face-to-face job search support at selected libraries. Please emailinfo@migrantactiontrust.org.nz to register for this service.

  • e-jobsearch Assistance

An on-line assistance to migrants specifically on CV and cover letter writing. Phone assistance regarding job interview is also available.

  • Job Alert

Some employers send their job vacancies to us which are then forwarded to job seekers that are in our database.

  • Employment Relation

Offering to act as support person for migrants with issues and concerns in the workplace.

  • Professional Migrants Group

Information session seminars specific to professions or re-direction service to profession-specific support groups.

  • Specialised Forum

An issue-based (employment related) forum to be organized as when deemed necessary.

  • Individual Career Counseling.

A one-to-one career type of counseling to help address issues such as unemployment or underemployment.

  • Advocacy

Research, get updates and advise migrants of current issues affecting their employment situation.

  • Intensive Migrant-Specific Jobsearch Training

Currently under development, the training will be an interactive 3 to 4-day training specially designed for migrants job seeking in New Zealand (as opposed to New Zealanders job searching in New Zealand).