Vision/ Mission/ Objectives


The vision of Migrant Action Trust is to see an enriched New Zealand through migrants supporting migrants achieve their aspirations of a better life



  • To support migrants from their arrival to employment, and from assimilation to integration
  • To promote migrants and refugees as valuable stakeholders in New Zealand society
  • To inform migrants of their roles and responsibilities as residents of New Zealand.



  • To be a lead national agency that supports migrants and refugees to obtain meaningful employment and develop life skills
  • To be a resource centre of expertise and information for migrants and refugees and to have influence on policy with regard to issues of employment and integration
  • To enable migrant community groups to sustainably meet the needs of their communities



  • To encourage migrants to help other migrants
  • To encourage self-help  towards economic productivity and being a part of the New Zealand community
  • To develop programmes and/or cooperate with other groups to assist in the settlement of migrants and refugees
  • To provide an understanding of living in New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi’s relationship with migrants
  • To promote participation in the democratic processes of New Zealand especially in issues directly affecting migrants
  • To promote the contributions of migrants and refugees to New Zealand’s social, political and economic life
  • To develop and build on the life skills of migrants

Core values

  • Appreciate New Zealand and what it stands for
  • Have a genuine interest in migrant and refugee issues
  • Deliver services of a high standard in relationship building and information dissemination
  • Are goal directed
  • Act when it’s needed
  • Are migrants and refugees who can relate to others in similar situations
  • Believe in the development of skills and potential
  • Respect all cultures and believe in equal opportunities for all

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