What We Do

Migrant Action Trust runs services by migrants for migrants.  Our approach is about working together to achieve self sustainability.  The common office and resources project supports community groups from the hub of our Community Action Centre at 766 Sandringham Road Extension, Mt Roskill.  We provide support for funding applications and acquittals, accounts and day-to-day issues.


Migrants Supporting Migrants

  • A common sense approach that is tailored to the needs of migrants looking for work
  • Provides training and support to migrants to help them get meaningful jobs

Arrival to Integration

  • Programmes that enhance the well-being of migrants after they find employment
  • Organises discussion forums that encourage the meaningful, social and political engagement of migrants and refugees

Support Groups

  • Enables groups to have more time to help their own communities
  • Provides training, services and mentoring to build and grow the capability of volunteers and community groups
  • Supports and partners with other groups in their community projects and initiatives